WAE SSB Contest

I’m proud to announce our participation in WAE SSB Contest on 13/9 and 14/9/2014. For the Record we won the world 1st place in last year contest. I hope we will be able to do the same this year.

Please look for us and take some QTC’s, Guys from out side Europe be patient we will work you in the other contests.

WPX 40m, 80m, 160m Double points

I’m not complaining nor questioning the rules, I’m just thinking out loudly, As you all aware that in WPX contest the Low-Band give double the points so every one of us want to spend as much time as possible to make most of his Q’s in 40m, 80m or 160m for higher score, This is a fact.

But because the higher bands now in much better shape than the earlier years so every one enjoying pile-ups and forgetting about the double points, so we will be ending up calling for hours with few Q’s ended up in our log.

And one more reason for calling with no answer in the low bands, is because that the prefix needed to be worked just once and not on every band so even if we have been spotted in Cluster this will not make any difference because we will not appear in the needed list (unless the default setting changed to show all needed qso and not only new Prefix)

This is really a problem I faced with my team this year only and sure I’m going to face every year with hi number of sun spots.

I may have to going to Multi-Multi for this contest in the future.