Moving the old tower


Yesterday i moved my old tower (18m self support) from my family house to the farm in Abdally. It need some cleaning and painting before it is ready for installation. The new concrete base will be ready after 6 days if weather permit. On top of this tower will go the 6 element monobander for 15m by M2 and OB12-4 by optibeam. With that phase 2 will be completed.

5 thoughts on “Moving the old tower

  1. So a bigger antenna farm?!!!! Hamad your signal will not be that of a local station… it will be like we are in the same block! Congratulations!

  2. Grazie per il 5th QSO di nuova banda , ti ascolto sempre fortissimo con una audio pulito.
    Spero di ascoltarti nelle altre bande rimaste e grazie delle conferme via LOTW.

    See You ON AIR . Good DX

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