Finally 6M is open

Today is my first small pile up on 6M, looking forward for more contacts on this magic band.


3 thoughts on “Finally 6M is open

  1. Hamad,

    Great to see you have found the magic band. My experience in Qatar was that the best months for sporadic E were April, May, and June, with only a few openings later in the summer. March and September were very interesting with the transequatorial propagation to stations in the southern hemisphere – cool DX!

    GL & 73

    Dave K5GN

  2. Dear Hamad,

    My name is Hiro JA6SBW from Western Japan.
    By chance, I found your home page.
    I’m enjoying an amateur radio,especially 6m Magic Band.This time is the good season to contact 9K and JA on 6m.
    It also seems that 9K(9K2CS) and JA opened on 6m last day around 09:00z.
    By all means, I’d like to contact you on 6m in near future. I’m looking forward to it.

    Best DX!

    Hiro JA6SBW

  3. You will find there are opportunities all year long for real DX on the Magic Band when you try 6m EME with JT65A mode! You are in a very rare DXCC, and will have no trouble generating a pileup on EME! Stop by the ON4KST EME CHAT page on a good day of the month for EME and see who is anxious to contact you during your moonset!

    The best days of the month for 6m EME are here:

    The step-by-step checklist of how to set up JT65A for success on 6m EME is here:

    See you on the Magic Band via LONG PATH! GL and VY 73, Lance

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