Today’s Project

We are planing today to spend the weekend in the contest location to do some improvements such as installing 6m antenna (JK-65 By JK antennas) and changing the feed line for the 40m antenna (4 Element Full size) from RG-213 to 1/2 inch hard line.

For the record and future reference i don’t think that feedline changing can do any good or improve any thing But because this advise came from a GOOD friend i had to listen.

And the last thing is to find a good spot for the 160m slopping vertical project.

I hope all will go well.


We have done all the above and in regards to the slopping vertical for 160m, I think we will go for 1/4 wave Vertical the old fashion way.

Details later

2 thoughts on “Today’s Project

    • Although they are in two different location with about 100KM distance, but sure the full size 40m yagi is louder than the ob4-40. I do not recall the exact difference but it was easy by 2 to 3 S units.

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