Big Boy Rotator

One week ago I have placed an order for a Big Boy PST-61D Rotator from Gianni I7PHH. Today I have got an email from him saying that it should be sent out today heading to me. If my Calculation is correct i should get it here in Kuwait on Sunday (yes we work on Sundays).

Every one been talking about this great rotator and how strong it is, So it is time now for a real test with two big monobanders and windy area this combo is the nightmare for any Rotator!

But I’m sure that it going to be OK

What keeping me busy

So now posting is simple and easy thing to do, I can write much easy. I’v been busy lately building new station in our farm located 80km North of Kuwait City in a city name Abdally (10km away from the Iraqi border), It is still on going project and need lot of time and effort to complete but at least we got started.

Phase 1 is to install an 18m high tower with 2 Monobanders on top 6 Element for 20m and 7 Element for 10m both by M2. The 20m beam was OK from the first minute, but the 10m gave us some hard time and we had to call the crane again to fix it. Just one thing to keep in mind that these are used antenna’s (approx 10 years old) so such problem can happen, to cut long story short the problem was the Balun we went up replaced it and now it is working great.

Phase two will be shifting my original tower build on 1997 from my family house to the Farm and it will have two antennas on top 6 element monobander for 15m by M2 and OB12-4 by optibeam