Antenna Work Page


          Here you can find some photos for one of the latest antenna work before the CQWW DX SSB 1999 Contest. We were trying to bring the antenna down (TH-11) to change the balun and do some other adjustments.


Here is my antennas (TH-11 & 40-2CD) before we start.


Faisal (9K2ID) trying to explain what he is going to do up the tower.


Mohammed (9K2MN) & Faisal (9K2ID) ready to go.


Left to right: 9K2SS, ID, RO, HS, MN, HN.




9K2HN taking his position.




After all that we could not bring down the antennas to fix them..... Here is what we have done


9K2QA, MN decided to go up using this basket.


Here is the finale stage while they are changing the Balun.


Here I'm holding the old Balun (in very Bad shape).


Here again all of us in My Shack


       And after changing the Balun and all the troubles the problem is still there..... High SWR in 20m. Then we decided to get together again the week after to fix the problem... And this is what we have done again Faisal and mohammad went up the tower and found out that the feed line is touching the boom and causing this problem. they fixed it and every thing now is working great.

     Special thanks go to: 9K2ID Faisal, MN Mohammed, GM Osama, QA Ahmad, RO Jassem, SS Ali, HS Hamed, OO Ahmad, OD Osama and SD Manaf.