9K2HN Dinner

Here you will see some photo's from 9K2HN dinner made in KARS (Kuwait Amateur Radio Society) for the university graduation, in June 1998. You will see here almost all active hams from Kuwait.



Here is a photo for every one



From left to right: 9K2RR, 9K2AI, 9K2MR, 9K2KX


Every one busy eating...... and 9K2HN can't break the pile-up. hi hi


From left to right (FACING THE CAMERA): 9K2RF, Not ham, 9K2KL, 9K2KK, 9K2DQ, 9K2GM, 9K2HN


From left to right: 9K2RX, 9K2RR, 9K2AI, 9K2MR, 9K2KX


From left to right: 9K2MT, 9K2QA, 9K2/G3WNS, 9K2HN, 9K2RO (Sitting)


I hope you saw the 9K-Station you have worked....